June 12, 2020
Deep sea diving is arguably one of the most majestic and dangerous forms of thrill-seeking and exploration in the world.

The Florida Keys are a renown diver’s paradise with some of the best sites located only a short distance away from our hotel. Before you cast away into the unknown beneath the sea, take a ride to the largest collection of diving artifacts in the world at the History of Diving Museum, just off the Overseas Highway.

The museum is owned and operated by champion divers, the Bauer Family, who have spent over forty years collecting, salvaging, and maintaining dive artifacts and equipment from more than thirty countries. As part of their mission to educate the public and prospective divers about the sport, their exhibitions rotate frequently and the museum often hosts special events for visitors to truly emerge themselves in dive history. Admission is $15 for adults and $7 for children. Visit their website for more details.