June 12, 2020
Welcome to the Lignumvitae Key Botanical State Park, the largest and most prevalent home of one of the strongest and heaviest woods on Earth: the lignum vitae.

This wood is so strong that structures built from it in San Francisco easily survived the 1906 earthquake. As you enter the park, note the odd smell emanating from the lignum vitae trees all around you — at seventy-nine pounds per cubic foot, the scent comes from the trees’ thick trunks.

Explore these sturdy trees, endangered flora and fauna, and protected insects and birds by boat or by foot, but be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and consider wearing long sleeves and pants in order to protect from mosquitoes, even in the winter months. Kayak, bicycle and water gear is available for rental, as are guided tours of the area led by expert park rangers, most of whom are native to the area.