June 12, 2020

The Florida Keys are known for being a fisherman’s paradise, offering some of the best fishing conditions in the world. We’re putting a spotlight on sustainable seafood and best practices to help preserve the waters and wildlife that calls our ecosystem home. It’s all in the technique. With the demand of fish on the rise, many purveyors have turned to mass long lining and drift netting.

This has a significant impact on non-target fish, sea turtles, marine mammals and even sea birds. Nets are routinely left at sea, floating across miles and miles of water before washing ashore. What’s more, dolphins and sea lions are often identified as the culprits when it comes to a decrease in available and viable fish. This often leads to the capture and killing of these animals. 

While it may seem like a large feat, there are many ways consumers can make conscious decisions when it comes to purchasing seafood. Check out Seafood Watch on a regular basis, they do an amazing job of identifying sustainable seafood items to purchase that support healthy fishing in our waters based on a set criteria, including the amount of environmental damage from fishing gear and activity, health and abundance of fish, a well-managed operation, and little impact on other wildlife in surrounding areas. We can all do our part to make better seafood choices for a healthier ocean.