June 12, 2020
You might not think American Bald Eagles or American Saltwater Crocodiles when you think of the Florida Keys, but venturing out on an Eco-Boat Tour will show you unexpected wildlife. Known for a vast ecosystem, the Florida Keys are home to a number of species including egrets, osprey, alligators, crocodiles, manatees, dolphins and more. The best way to get up-close to these indigenous creatures is by getting out on the water.

Choose from one- to three-hour Eco-Boat tours by Keyz Charters and explore the waters that make the area world famous. Both tour options will take you through the intricate mangroves and guide you through an adventurous and educational afternoon. Sail along the coastline and discover hidden channels and local landmarks such as Alligator Lighthouse, Indian Key State Park and Lignumvitae Key (which is only accessible by boat or kayak). Ready to discover? Book tours and see times and pricing information here.