June 12, 2020
Who hasn’t had the childhood daydream of exploring an uncharted island in a tropical paradise? Of course, you have! Now you can pull that same daydream out of your mind and into the world with a day trip to Indian Key.

Indian Key is an abandoned island and protected national park that can only be visited by boat. It’s common for guests to the Keys to kayak out to this beautiful island. Without spoiling the adventure, we can tell you that Indian Key is an oasis of history set within an untamed, lush garden of indigenous plant life. There are plenty of walking paths for navigation around the island. More interestingly, during the 1830s, Indian Key was established as the very first county seat for Miami-Dade County because the lucrative salvage operations in the area bought people and commerce to the tiny island. Tragedy, pirating and raids followed, eventually causing the inhabitants to abandon the island, but their presence is still felt within the ruins of their little ghost town. So grab a boat, paddle out, and see what you can find.