June 12, 2020

We do the holidays a little differently in the Keys. Instead of hot cocoa by the fire and snowball fights throughout the season, we have beach volleyball and chilled cocktails by a glistening, turquoise ocean.

Embrace a new tradition this holiday season and consider taking your loved ones to Theater of the Sea, Islamorada’s hit marine park and aquatic stage, not far from our hotel.

Here you’ll find exhibits and attractions to keep the whole family entertained. The park is open 365 days a year, including Christmas Day, with no break or alteration in their show schedule. Open your presents, have your holiday nibbles, then watch sea lions and bottlenose dolphins perform stunning acrobatics and delightful tricks. Follow the show with a trip down the lagoon on a bottomless, open-center boat, escorted by your new dolphin friends. Prefer to stay on land? The theater also has fish and reptile tours as well as parrot shows featuring varied species. It's a popular holiday attraction, so plan in advance and purchase tickets online in advance.