June 12, 2020
Our home is an eclectic collection of fun activities, history, warm people and beautiful, balmy weather — but sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between our island and the more than 800 neighboring islands in the Florida Keys. Read on to learn more about what makes our island special.

Most commonly known as the “Village of Islands,” because Islamorada township actually encompasses Plantation, Windley, Upper, and Lower Matecumbe keys, the island is also known as the “Purple Isle.”

This nickname is actually a misnomer since it’s origins are open for debate. Some believe early Spanish explorers circa 1500s named the island so for the purple hue of the sky at sunset. Others say it was due to a tropical fish that has since died out due to overfishing.

Unlike the purple mystery fish, a multitude of other fish species are alive and well, giving the island the much-deserved moniker of “Sport Fishing Capital of the World” where visitors flock from all over the globe for a chance to fish here.