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Bike Around the Region to Learn About Islamorada and Its History | Pelican Cove Inn

If you’re in Islamorada for the first time, or you just want to see the region in a new way, consider taking one of the city’s bike tours to get a sense of both the region’s history and current offerings. While there are a lot of options to browse, the simplest and least expensive tour is the Islamorada Bike Tour, a three-hour, twelve-mile long hike along the historic highway. Your journey will begin at the Key Largo Bike Shop, which is a very reasonable distance by car from the Pelican Cove Inn.

This bicycle tour is well-designed for visitors, and includes all of the gear you will need—including the bicycle itself, a helmet, and bottled water. A guide will tell you all about the region’s 4,000 years of history and make ten stops along the way, so you’ll learn a lot about Islamorada without tuckering yourself out too much. Your guide will also take you to some hidden gems you can always return to at a later occasion.

You have the option, when you reach the end of the tour, to either return straight away with your guide, or return later at your convenience—so you can make this bicycle tour your own. If you do return to Key Largo and have worked up an appetite by then, there are some great restaurants to choose from. You can grab lunch at Harriette’s Restaurant, which is especially known for its muffins (try a key lime one to get a sense of what they do best). Another option on Key Largo is Mrs. Mac’s kitchen, where you can eat some locally caught fish and still satisfy a key lime craving with their famous key lime pie.

While your day won’t quite be done after this bike tour, you may want to return to the Pelican Cove Inn to get your bearings before gearing up for your next Islamorada adventure. There are a lot of sights to see.


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